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7/10/10 10:51 pm - rockythezombie - Old ebay!

I've listed a whole bunch of stuff on good old ebay... I love ebay, despite the horrors, I still love it. It's where I started, and without it I doubt the DIY communities of today would even exist like they do!

My ebay.. I'm Rocky The Zombie

4/27/10 09:39 pm - rockythezombie - I haven't done this in sooooo long!

It's been a million years.. or perhaps a little less many, since the last time I used LiveJournal. Did I miss it? I think so..!

So anyway, a lot has happened.. I have a LOT of new stuff in the store, and a few new designs too.

I really hope you like them!

Click on the image to go directly to the etsy shop.

I also have a new website coming very soon, where everything will be sold in £'s!

12/6/09 10:57 am - rockythezombie

Lots and lots is happening with Rocky The Zombie at the moment.. and it's all good :)

Three new designs, including an eco/vegan design.
Designs are now copyright Rocky The Zombie 2009.
Designs have been made in to screens, making the end product cheaper for YOU.
HOODIES are now available!
www.rockythezombie.com has been purchased.

I am yet to actually start work on the site, waay too much to do this time of year, so for now it just points to my etsy shop. But it's good to know that it's there for when I'm ready.

Obtaining copyright was easier than I would have ever imagined, and it's so good to know I have it.. especially last week when some douchebag sent me an email announcing that she was going to 'feature' my designs on her tea-towels, which she was then going to sell, with no credit to me at all..... errrrrm No you DO NOT.

I'm not against collaborating with others wanting to use any of my stuff, but I would appreciate being ASKED FIRST... because some stuff, is bad stuff.

Anyway.. enough blurrrrb!

Go check out these hoodies!

10/25/09 10:57 pm - cunty_sales - Punky Kids Clothing Direct Sale and Link to Ebay

Childrens Clothing for SaleCollapse )

9/29/09 08:56 am - rockythezombie - Vote for me!

If you have an etsy account... Please vote for me!

I'm in the halloween voter (just found out this morning!!) ... and somehow, I'm not last!?

It's the white onesie with a pumpkin handpainted.. with a face ha. (by 'rockythezombie' incase you didn't know! Click here


8/29/09 09:55 am - rockythezombie - Rainy Day Onesie by Rockythezombie

This is perhaps my favourite onesie that I've ever designed. I love rainy days.. and this is just lovely!

Click here to go to the shop.. it's only $15

8/22/09 09:30 am - rockythezombie - New Jewelry from Rocky The Zombie

Recently I've been playing with jewelry. I came across some beautifull lampwork shapes and decided that I HAD to turn them in to pretty necklaces, it seemed such a shame that someone had made each one of these individual shapes over a lamp and they were just left unappreciated for nothing.

.... and then I bought some jewellery findings and finally used the skulls and hearts beads which I bought years ago 'for a future project' ^_^

Along with these new things, I still have the many 'zombie' onesies and ladies t-shirts.

Click Here...

Or on the image to go to my shop, where you can pay via paypal with your account or a credit or debit card.

8/7/09 09:05 am - rockythezombie - Order Order @ RockyTheZombie!

So I have like 4 days off this week.. and I'd love nothing more than to fill those days with sales so that I can sit and paint until my heart content ^_^

So If you want stuff pretty fast, now is the time to order it as I have just finished packing up one batch for shipping and am ready for the next!

RockyTheZombie Store (click here!)

Love, Rocky X

3/29/09 05:43 pm - alilbitcunty

3 Pairs of kids Dr. Martens on Ebay + some other assorted stuff.

1/13/07 01:44 am - lisavicious

Check out some of the stuff I have at my new shoppe! Just click the pic for more info.

12/10/06 04:51 pm - alilbitcunty - Any Takers?

Size 4/5 $13 shipped.

Size 4 Jerzee's sweatshirt with skull patch on chest. $13 shipped.

Size 4/5 Old Navy checker lined jacket (sorta looks like a dickies jacket) great condition. $13 shipped.

Size 3/4 Flogging Molly T-shirt. Has small stain on front much less noticable with the naked eye than the photo shows. $10 shipped.

I'm offering them up for direct sale before I put em on ebay.. so here's your chance! Paypal only!

11/27/06 06:04 am - alilbitcunty - Post In Comments...

Please post in comments any websites or ebay pages you'd like added in our links post. That post is linked at the top of the journal and will be constantly updated.

11/27/06 05:53 am - alilbitcunty - Ebay Auctions..

Ok, I'll start with the first sales post. I've got two navy peacoats, a baby bomber/flight jacket, and a kids scally cap up on ebay. Here's the LINK to the auctions.

11/27/06 04:59 am - alilbitcunty - Links To Cool Websites

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